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33rd Sunday,year C


Malachi 3:19-20
2 Thess. 3:7-12
Luke 21:5-19


Beloved in Christ, this morning Mother Church invites us to reflect on the “DAY OF THE LORD” and how that day will be for us. She thus confronts us with the four last things – death, judgement, heaven and hell, by urging us to be watchful and to be guided by what is to come.

Consequently, Malachi the prophet says the day of the Lord will be a day of judgement and also of salvation. He presents to us two pictures;
1. The fate of the evil doer, and
2. The triumph of the righteous who endures till the end.

Beloved, Malachi gave this warning at a time when the people had  become religiously insensitive – lost the sense of the sacred and no longer fulfilled their religious obligation, for they thought God was not interested in what they did and let alone keep record of it. Malachi therefore reminded them that God will come to reward or punish them based on their deeds.

Beloved in Christ, our world today is no longer different from the world of Malachi, for there are the people who see themselves as the beginning and end of morality. Religion has no role in the ways of man; they see going to church, fellowship and worship as a waste of time; for God lives in the heart of every man.

Also there is another group of people who also hold that the church(temple) is everything and that what matters is what I do in the church(temple) and not what  I do outside of the church(temple). This is the group most of us belong – clearly seen in what we do after church. For Jesus, it is not the church as a building that matters but what we learn in the church that has an effect on our relationship with our neighbour.

Beloved, the gospel reading also warns us not to be perturbed by cosmic upheavals but to be encouraged by the fact that the  Lord will come to judge the world. Hence, for the second reading; that is while we wait, we are not to be lazy but we are to work to earn what we eat and not become burdens to others.

In this regard, we can joyfully say that this hope – the Lord will come again to judge  rewarding and punishing justifies our faith in God for which reason we live in the present without ignoring its  consequences to endure everything  on account of our faith in God.                          Culled from:                                     www.Facebook.com/padredolphyne/                             www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com.                                     www.padredolphyne.blogspot.com

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