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Homily for the 14th Sunday in ordinary time year A


Zechariah 9:9-10

Romans 8:9,11-13

Matthew 11:25-30
Beloved in Christ, this morning Jesus our saviour invites us to learn to show appreciation to God for His manifold blessings and also to depend and rely on Him in the face of life’s challenges and difficulties. But sadly most of us today easily forget the gifts of God; we are slow in recognising blessings than evils. Jesus teaches us to learn to thank God not for only the big blessings but for the small ones as well. Some of us live as bread is; once eaten is forgotten, we easily forget the blessings of God.
Beloved, in the face of a seemingly failed mission, Jesus could still offer a thanksgiving prayer. “I bless you Father for hiding these things from the learned and clever and revealing them to mere children.” (cf Matthew 11:25) A sign that Jesus was appreciative of the few who had accepted His message and knew that with the grace of God these few could do much. 
However most of us never appreciate God’s gift of good health until we are sick, only then do we discover the value of health. It is same with the gift of our parents or good friends until they are no more, and to some extent the importance of our jobs until we are unemployed. No matter the situation of your life, there will always be something you can be grateful for. We are to turn our complaints to chants of thanksgiving.
Therefore, the invitation to be yoked with Jesus Christ is an invitation to live in a certain way; where the cross becomes the way to a full and complete life. (cf Matthew 11:29) This then is an invitation to slow down. We are not to worry; worry does not take away tomorrow’s trouble it takes away today’s peace. The yoke is to be seen as a bond between you and the Lord.
Therefore when we are weighted down and burdened by a multitude of afflictions, Jesus is the one who comes to lift our burdens.
Jesus Christ today makes it clear that the Christian life is not magic since His own life was not painless and burden free. Faith in Jesus does not remove all our desire for sin, doubt, fear and replace them with promotions, prosperity etc,  rather it gives us a better appreciation of our human situation and how we can deal with it with the grace of God. Our life’s crosses becomes easy to bear for Christ is with us.
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