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Homily for Transfiguration of the Lord, Year A


Daniel 7:9,10; 13,14
2 Peter 1:16-19
Matthew 17:1b-9


Beloved in Christ, today the Church commemorates the transfiguration of the Lord with a call on us to;
(1) admire the splendour of the transfigured Lord.
(2) reflect on our own transfiguration

We are to recall the time when our Lord Jesus was revealed in His glory before the disciples on mount Tabor. And also to catch a glimpse of the Heavenly glory awaiting those who do God's will by putting their faith in Him

Beloved, the word transfiguration means a change in form or appearance. It was an event that enabled Jesus to consult His Father on His plan for his suffering, death and resurrection. This enabled the disciples to discard their worldly ambitions about a conquering political Messiah.

Jesus was not the type of messiah that they were expecting – not the messiah to liberate Palestine from Roman domination – but one who would suffer and be executed. (Matthew 16:23 and 8:33)

My dear friend, it is against this background that the transfiguration of the Lord becomes an event of encouragement for the disciples. Thus in the awareness of Jesus' divine glory, their faith is strengthened and they are encouraged to persevere through their future ordeal.

Consequently, the presence of Moses (representing the law) and Elijah (representing the prophets) confirms that Jesus is the promised and expected Messiah. The voice of the Father then is an affirmation of who Jesus is – and thus says to the disciples although you have been shocked to hear about his death, do not be scandalized; for this is the plan of God for him.

Beloved, we are admonished then to be patient in the midst of troubles; for it radiates hope in the ultimate victory of the good. We must therefore expect some challenges in our life and we must not run away when we meet them. Also, in our moments of doubt, pain and suffering, disappointment and despair, let us seek our mount Tabor experience, where we can listen to His consoling words; "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased".

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