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I urge you to embrace this week knowing that when God looks at you, He sees beyond your situation of sin to your situation of grace. Therefore don’t give up on yourself, for with God you can still make it.  For while men see the worse you are , God sees the best you can be while you are at your worse.

Don’t build your life based on the negative comments from people who do not know the total picture of your life. Be assured that God who knows your total picture is full of love and mercy towards you , therefore make it your obligation to know him more , love him and serve him.

Finally, remember this as we begin a new week  : GOD WHO GENUINELY KNOWS YOU FULLY LOVES AND CARES FOR YOU – YOU ARE SPECIAL . And since  you cannot control and predict how people perceive you , don’t also be boarded by their negativity towards you , ONLY PROMISE TO SINCERELY MAKE AN EFFORT AT LIVING FOR GOD AND GOD WILL ALWAYS BE PLEASED WITH YOUR EFFORT… for our greatest glory is not in never falling , BUT IN RISING EVERY TIME WE FALL

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